Water management solutions

In a world where cities are becoming more and more crowded, there’s little room left for manoeuvre when it comes to managing water, especially in extreme weather conditions. While no systems can completely accommodate all flooding events, steps can be taken to mitigate the potential impact. Polypipe’s extensive range of Water Management solutions are designed to reduce the potential impact of extreme flooding and to help cities recover more quickly.

In fact, to help cities become ever more resilient, Polypipe has developed systems to manage surface water, flooding, rainwater harvesting and treatment as well as recycling for re-use in flushing toilets.

Carbon efficient solutions

As with our Water Management solutions, Polypipe’s Carbon Efficient solutions satisfy the most stringent of Government legislation. We continue to invest in those products to enable collection, transmission, emission and control in heating, ventilation and cooling. It simply makes built environments better, more energy efficient, more comfortable to live in and cleaner. This results in a satisfying outcome, not just for Governments, but for everyone.