Whatever the application, Polypipe is a company that is passionate about not only managing its own environmental impact, but ensuring that its systems work to benefit the environments in which they are used.


Enforcing quality, reinforces productivity. All of our raw materials whether prime or recycled polymers are sourced to a strict sustainable policy and this ensures all suppliers meet the highest standards. With ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management accreditation, we only manufacture with the very best materials.


We have an environmental commitment – one we don’t take lightly. So we don’t just recycle all of our in-process material waste; we monitor every process and adjust the smallest thing to make a bigger difference. For example, we reduce power and water consumption by metering usage at machine level.


We’re proud to manufacture plastic pipes that are strong yet light in weight. This fact alone helps towards considerably reducing fuel consumption in transportation, lowering health and safety risks on-site and, as we know, our products can be recycled at ‘end of the life’.


Our products are not only sustainably produced, but they enhance sustainability in their installation and everyday use. For example, they save energy, reduce CO2 emissions and manage water as a valuable resource. Systems such as our underfloor heating, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and geocellular solutions provide the most comprehensive range available in the UK to meet these requirements. Recycling is just the start.


The Built Environment spans across the residential, commercial, civils and infrastructure markets and contributes significantly to the environmental impact of our habitat. At Polypipe, we are confident that our materials, processes, products and their application in installation and use are serving the demands of today and enhancing our environment into the future.

Step 1

Sustainable inputs

Quality controlled inputs

Prime Polymers

Prime polymers

Recycled Polymers

Internally recycled polymers

Ext Recycled Polymers

Externally recycled polymers

Step 2

Sustainable processes

Water Consumption

Reduced water consumption

Energy Consumption

Reduced manufacturing energy consumption

Reprocessed Material

Reprocessed material

Step 3

Sustainable materials

Light In Weight

Light in weight

Plastics are lighter, easier to handle and reduce transportation costs

Strong In Use

Strong in use

Plastic pipes and fittings are tough, durable and resistant to corrosion

Step 4

Sustainable solutions

Carbon Efficient

Carbon efficient solutions

Product systems that save energy and reduce CO2 emissions

Water Management

Water management solutions

Products that recognise water as a scarce resource and reduce flooding


The sustainable built environment

Our Journey





Recyclable at end of life